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Women’s clothing

Hi there. I am writing again, pleading for more women’s style clothing. I can guess that Keith’s fans are as much as 80-% female, while the T’s & sweatshirts are more normal men’s styles. When noting this on The Ville’s FB page, I do get several “likes”. V-neck shirts are highly attractive for women. In addition, when you do have women’s styles, I’ve seen that they are more tapered and certainly not going fit well for us bigger gals. It would be advantageous for you to offer a much broader spectrum of styles & sizes. I have noticed this at Keith’s concerts too. Please consider this. Thank you so very much!

trish7889 trish7889 admin
11/24/19 - 2:35PM

I also agree. V-neck shirts as well as Sizes 3x-5x would be much appreciated. Thanks so much 😊

katherine23 katherine23 admin
11/24/19 - 12:23PM

I agree!!!