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abufarwa abufarwa

where to join the paying club?

I found it once before and now I can't. Where do I go to join the paying club so I can get the pre-sale tickets etc??

nrgy nrgy admin
1/29/20 - 5:18PM

log in and manage membership is there. clik on manage membership. clik on disable autorenew and it turns into enable autorenew. then HOVER over free membership line til phoenix club line shows up. clik on phoenix club. then update yur cred card info. ta da but i don't know about changing yur email address. yur presale code will show up after u log in, after u update to phoenix club. code will be under yur name, after u log in.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1/24/20 - 2:06PM

Click on FAQ at bottom of page.

abufarwa abufarwa admin
1/24/20 - 2:32PM

thanks - got it! :) I read that to get the correct code it would show up in your email. I tried changing my email since the one posted is not correct. It shows as my "username" and that is not my email address. Any advice on how to get my gmail address to go thru?

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1/24/20 - 10:37PM

You can also find a contact for technical support in FAQ. That’s what I had to do when I changed my email. They had to change it, I couldn’t.