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margemiles0329 margemiles0329

VIP virus

Does anyone know if they will be canceling VIP meet and greet at Caesars Palace because of the virus ?It’s the only chance I’ll be able to meet him, I’m on pins and needles.

kufan4life33 kufan4life33 admin
3/14/20 - 1:59PM

I’m wondering if they might cancel the whole show...Oh, I’ll be majorly bummed. The show is a month a way and right now a lot of things in Vegas or anywhere are shutting down. 😞

rkgaither22 rkgaither22 admin
3/13/20 - 2:21PM

I’m wondering the same thing. How do we find out?

margemiles0329 margemiles0329 admin
3/13/20 - 2:49PM

I call The venue..