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Vegas Pit Tickets Jan 10

I purchased tickets for Jan 10, 2020, in Vegas and have my CC informant and it has been deducted from my bank but the tickets are not showing up in my account??? What do I do or where do I look? I don't remember how I asked them to be sent and I'm looking to see if I need to change delivery but cannot find them at all

eagray13 eagray13 admin
11/6/19 - 5:34PM

Likewise. You can check your ticketmaster account as well. I have 6 shows and all show under the TM account. I have some hard tickets sent as well as mobile tickets

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
11/6/19 - 8:34AM

Check your email-you should have a confirmation email from Ticketmaster which will show the delivery method you chose.