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amy_c56 amy_c56

Vegas pit question

Wondering about the pit size at Caesars Palace. I've been in the pit 2 other concerts. Looking at their website, a video shows how the pit can be lowered down so not block others behind them. Does anyone know about this?

richbc richbc admin
2/11/20 - 8:48PM

Was in the pit Jan 10 and 11. Absolutely no concerns about the depth of the pit. Sure, the stage was at eye level but proximity was great. Went on on time so no concern standing too long.

abufarwa abufarwa admin
1/27/20 - 12:59PM

How did you do Amy at the sale? I missed out on the royal flush :( So sad. It was right there and then someone else got it within seconds!!! I kept trying but I'm sure they all went. there must not be very many and I was right there at the count down!

amy_c56 amy_c56 admin
1/27/20 - 8:52PM

Yes I cannot believe I was able to get the royal flush. After 3-4 tries, 2 seats were available in the first row, but not together and I took them. Maybe someone can switch seats. I've been to 6-7 of his shows and always entered the M & G, but never won. The front row has around 12-14 not too many. I've been in the pit a couple times before but did not want to take a chance if it was lowered down (which make sense for the people behind to see). I hope he does more shows in Vegas so hopefully you will get to go! Keith is so talented!!! I'm soooooo excited and still cannot believe it 😍

abufarwa abufarwa admin
1/27/20 - 10:59AM

So what I'm reading is that this pit in Vegas is NOT lowered? So we won't be down in a hole?

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
1/27/20 - 11:01AM

No, not a hole, but the floor is lowered so the people in the seats directly behind pit can see over the heads of those in the pit.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
1/27/20 - 10:20AM

Yes, the pit floor can be lowered. Unfortunately, that makes the stage VERY high, making it hard to see if you are standing directly in front of the stage. Stage height is at least 5 feet high, and the pit is relatively small.

amy_c56 amy_c56 admin
1/27/20 - 11:34AM

Thank you, just trying to figure this out. Can't wait to Vegas!! 😍25 min. until sale 😃