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nancynewmanre nancynewmanre


Hi I’m trying to register for the meet & greet. Im a realtor from Ct we sponsored the event. I was able to get a meet & greet for my client who has terminal cancer. I didn’t want to bother my realtor group in asking for myself. I am not sure how to register for a chance 🙂

michod28 michod28 admin
10/23/19 - 2:07PM

If you are a paying member of this Fanclub, then you would just log in and click the Tour button and scroll down to the concert event that you are attending to click the meet and greet button. Hope that helps

nancynewmanre nancynewmanre admin
11/18/19 - 8:10PM

Thanks:) my friend was at the meet & greet yesterday...incredible for her where she has terminal cancer. How do I get her pick for her?

Thanks again :)