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Uk tour

When will Keith tour uk?

lynn73 lynn73 admin
10/7/19 - 8:40AM

Just announced May 2020 London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham

Ihatebananas65 Ihatebananas65 admin
10/7/19 - 8:06AM

His tour dates are out now.

Kanedo Kanedo admin
10/6/19 - 12:20PM

Saw a post yesterday saying that he was touring the UK next year. Cannot find anything online. Does anyone know if Keith is going to tour and where we can get tickets.

Smausie Smausie admin
10/5/19 - 10:35AM

It was up here in the tour section too but now the dates are gone. 😪😪😪😪

Sammpa Sammpa admin
10/5/19 - 10:26AM

I’m not seeing anything on U.K. ticket sites at all. I realise they’re not meant to be on sale yet but you can usually at least see the price. Have we been had by a Facebook prank?

juliecostello49 juliecostello49 admin
10/5/19 - 1:41AM

Think he's coming May 2020.