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nikkibaker67 nikkibaker67

UK Tour May 2020

Has anyone any news of it being in rescheduled? I've tickets for London and Birmingham and am sure like hundreds of other people have waited so long to see Keith. If rescheduled we'd still get to keep our tickets?

chrismaycram chrismaycram admin
4/7/20 - 2:00PM

Hi, does anyone know about the Germany leg of the tour? I can’t find information anywhere.

Thank you

Emcam31 Emcam31 admin
4/3/20 - 12:29PM

I have tickets for two dates in may in Manchester. I'm assuming they won't go ahead but praying they get rescheduled instead of cancelled as we will hopefully then get to keep our tickets and see him at a future date 🤞🤞

nikkibaker67 nikkibaker67 admin
4/5/20 - 2:08AM

I hope so too but they're leaving it quite late to let us know. Looking at Vegas he put on new dates but the tickets weren't valid so you had to get refunds and book again ☹️

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
4/5/20 - 8:12AM

The new Vegas dates were on sale before all this started. They were not a rescheduled date from April.

thomasvienna thomasvienna admin
3/29/20 - 10:30AM

Are the shows already cancelled?

nikkibaker67 nikkibaker67 admin
3/29/20 - 1:57PM

Not as yet but surely they will be? His gigs are still showing on the Eventim Apollo website.

wend wend admin
3/29/20 - 6:11PM

NIKKIBAKER67 I’ve had email from venue in Amsterdam saying that gig is cancelled and they’re working with KU’s management to see about rescheduling. Nothing whatsoever about the UK tour yet.

nikkibaker67 nikkibaker67 admin
3/30/20 - 6:05AM

I wish they'd just reschedule and your tickets would still be valid. If they put on new dates then all those lucky enough to get m&g may miss out if they have to rebuy. Some shows I'm attending have given new dates and your tickets still stand.

storm1203 storm1203 admin
4/1/20 - 1:27AM

It’s now April and still nothing about cancelling UK tour
I’m usually not that bothered but we have huge group with hotels booked etc and need to know ASAP if your is cancelled or not
Surely by now things are in place whether a tour is going ahead or not?

wend wend admin
4/1/20 - 4:29PM

STORM 1203 - talk about leave until last minute! They surely must know by now what’s happening with these dates. Like you I’ve hotels booked all over although I cancelled the Amsterdam one today.

storm1203 storm1203 admin
4/4/20 - 6:34AM

WEND yesterday I cancelled all hotels and travel arrangements for all shows as I’m really not that confident the shows will go ahead. Had lost over 100 uk pounds through cancellations but hey that’s life

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
4/6/20 - 3:37PM

It's now rescheduled for the end of sep/beginning of oct, just announced,and already on this website (tour page).

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
4/6/20 - 3:46PM

@WEND For the Amsterdam gig I already received an email on the 23th of March ! Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe, the Dutch government has banned events in the Netherlands until May 31, 2020. Therefore, the show of Keith Urban on May 2 at AFAS Live cannot take place on this date.
Together with the management of Keith Urban we are discussing if and when a new show is going to take place. Tickets for the show remain valid for any new date. As soon as we have more information about this show, we will inform all ticket buyers via email and social media.

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
4/6/20 - 3:57PM

@Wend I see that you already knew about the Amsterdam gig :-)