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naprice naprice

UK Tour 2020 - Cancelled?

Keith was originally set to come to the UK in May 2020 but due to Covid these dates were obviously cancelled.
New dates were confirmed for October 2020, but I have just had an email from the ticket provider saying that the October dates are now cancelled – I can't see anything on Keith's website announcing/confirming that the UK Tour has been fully cancelled now.
I quite understand in the current climate that cancellation of the October dates has unfortunately happened – but has anyone else been told the Oct UK concerts are cancelled? I just want to make sure I'm not getting incorrect information!
Thanks Nicky

Mandyuk Mandyuk admin
9/16/20 - 10:06AM

Really gutted I was so looking forward to be able to see Keith in concert

woodster woodster admin
5/29/20 - 5:17PM

I’m gutted. I had an email from the ticket provider today about the cancellation but nothing else. Very disappointed.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
5/29/20 - 9:13AM

This is from the home page. You have to scroll and click on Keith Urban Live banner to get this info.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
5/29/20 - 9:12AM

Sorry if I came across as harsh. I am just saddened that Keith's own fan club website is not kept up to date, as this is where we SHOULD be able to come to find this kind of information.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
5/29/20 - 9:10AM

They have been removed from the Tour page. That's about all the announcement you will get from this website. You *might* get an email.