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aimeecotonlouw aimeecotonlouw

Tips for Royal Flush Tickets

Can any share any tips on how to get Royal Flush tickets for Keith's concerts? I am a member.

abufarwa abufarwa admin
1/24/20 - 12:29PM

that's what scares me. So even if you join the paying club, what are the chances of even getting the VIP tickets with meet and greet??

KeithBaby KeithBaby admin
1/19/20 - 2:46PM

My friend got a royal flush package for January show, so I'm assuming they sell out fast

kaylaaussie kaylaaussie admin
1/11/20 - 5:36PM

We were never able to access them even during the pre-sale.

abufarwa abufarwa admin
1/24/20 - 12:30PM

I wonder how many are available when they go up for the pre-sale??

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1/10/20 - 9:14AM

Those sold out quickly.