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gayler9 gayler9

Ticketmaster Refund

Have 2 expensive tickets for July 10 in LV and understand the amt will go back on my VISA where they were pd. Is there an approximate estimate of when that will happen?

Wow! So excited to hear the new music Friday! I was wondering what he's been up to as there's been nothing new on his site since G O Opry weeks ago.

gayler9 gayler9 admin
7/2/20 - 11:54AM

My July 10th tickets w/Ticketmaster were credited midway through June. Thank you. Sure hope there will be a 2021 concert schedule!

gayler9 gayler9 admin
6/11/20 - 1:25PM

Thanks, Sandy. I will check my VISA bill at the end of June. Glad to know the refunds are being worked on.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
6/11/20 - 8:46AM

My July 9th ticket refund was credited to my card on Monday.