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Jazzysal Jazzysal

The Speed Of Now (Part 1)

This latest album is real gorgeous. With all the problems during COVID, I loved the way he gave us bits of a song until he gave us the whole tune. I know it gave my ears and soul something to look forward to. Some of Keith’s best work to date!

Maz231 Maz231 admin
9/17/20 - 5:28AM

I agree, can’t hear them enough or watch the video’s enough, everything’s on repeat. Can’t wait to hear the whole album..

Pearl Pearl admin
9/16/20 - 9:42AM

Can't get enough of Keith's songs!

Trolltjeje Trolltjeje admin
9/2/20 - 2:56AM

This album are amazing like all if New songes are good

lannajn7 lannajn7 admin
7/4/20 - 7:29PM

I just watched (again, how many times now????) his little snippets of his songs and I TOO agree.....this album can not come out soon enough!!!! WOW! Can this man get any more amazing?

MTLindale MTLindale admin
6/28/20 - 8:43AM