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carol6156 carol6156

The old Keith

Man i remember a time when keith would always stay after concerts an sign autographs, on morning show appearances. Guess hes to much of "star" now

tayloveskeith tayloveskeith admin
11/20/19 - 7:14PM

He still does those things.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
11/21/19 - 7:08AM

Indeed, he does

carol6156 carol6156 admin
11/22/19 - 2:43PM

Really i have seen him 5 times once in good morning america made poster havent seen him do it once

tayloveskeith tayloveskeith admin
11/22/19 - 8:16PM

I've been to many shows and he has done it. He is on time restraints he can't do it all the time but when he can he does. Sorry you didn't get to be there for it.

CharityFortuneReal CharityFortuneReal admin
1/31/20 - 6:38PM

He might be able to stay longer if you realize what he needs AFTER THE SHOW THE DUDES STARVING. BRING SUBS AND FOOD DUH