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gayler9 gayler9


Apparently because there are so many avenues these days, this site has kittle interaction & not used as much as it once was – it's a little boring now yet it remains my go-to because I don't care for the alternatives!(I see FB but never comment.)
So, just watched that creative, great Superman video. Love it & the song, as Keith continues to be oh so easy on the eyes! And, best hair in many a year – hope you keep it!

gayler9 gayler9 admin
7/18/20 - 10:22AM

Thanks, LFS, I don't feel so "out of it" to stay with this format on spite of the changes.
Would love to see Superman be a big hit - he could use one Am watching to see if GWYN can make it to a top 10 position or inside of it would be even better.

lyndafromscotland lyndafromscotland admin
7/18/20 - 8:45AM

Totally agree, love Superman song and video and love Keith but website should never have changed platform last year. It is not as user friendly and just not the same. I used to visit it daily but now not so much.