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roger.fredman roger.fredman

Subrcription to The Ville and Presale tickets

Hi there!
I´m new to this forum and have two short questions.

1. If I sign up now for The Ville Phoenix Club will that last for 12 months from now or expire 31-12-19?

2. Are there special prices for members for the Pre-sale tickets (Copenhagen) or is the advantage "only" that you get the chance to by tickets in advance to be sure to get one?

Look forward to your reply/ Best regards Roger

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
10/10/19 - 11:10AM

1-Your membership would expire 1 year from the date you join, but you can set up to auto renew if you desire.
2-Presale opportunity is guaranteed, however ticket availability is not. (I personally have never not been able to secure decent tickets during presales)
3-Paid member have the opportunity to enter to win a Meet & Greet for any concert that they have purchased tickets for once a year.

I am not an admin, just a long time member.

roger.fredman roger.fredman admin
10/11/19 - 3:26AM

Thanks a lot Sandy for your answer!