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TerrsVanKitty TerrsVanKitty admin
12/6/19 - 8:58AM

Mine isn’t working either :’(

deniseb2004 deniseb2004 admin
12/5/19 - 11:25AM

anything on this yet? still can't go in and buy tickets I have send numerous emails to the moderator still waiting on what is going on

deniseb2004 deniseb2004 admin
12/5/19 - 9:49AM

when I click on to buy tickets it only takes me to the soaring eagle site and it says tickets on sale 12/7 what am I doing wrong?

ll818553 ll818553 admin
12/5/19 - 9:46AM

didnt get an email either

ll818553 ll818553 admin
12/5/19 - 9:45AM

Kmiller4544 Kmiller4544 admin
12/5/19 - 2:49PM

That did not work either? Any other suggestions.

yello90 yello90 admin
12/5/19 - 9:45AM

jawagner15- what email??

yello90 yello90 admin
12/5/19 - 9:44AM

cantget it to work neither ;(

ll818553 ll818553 admin
12/5/19 - 9:40AM

I'll trade ya the link for the password?

jawagner15 jawagner15 admin
12/5/19 - 9:38AM

I had to use email from Keith and it worked.

jackstraw172 jackstraw172 admin
12/5/19 - 9:44AM

when did you get the email..

yello90 yello90 admin
12/5/19 - 9:45AM

what email??

deniseb2004 deniseb2004 admin
12/5/19 - 9:31AM

trying to buy tickets but can't get to the site to buy them what am I doing wrong?

Kmiller4544 Kmiller4544 admin
12/5/19 - 4:09PM

Someone above posted a link to get to the ticket site, but can't buy tickets anyway the presale code is not valid.

erbluv erbluv admin
12/5/19 - 9:19AM

My password isn't working either! The point of me buying the fanclub was for this concert at Soaring Eagle, I want my money back!! Best seats are gone now.

Rmscarlet Rmscarlet admin
12/5/19 - 9:33AM

I agree

Rmscarlet Rmscarlet admin
12/5/19 - 9:13AM

Mine either

plevabuy plevabuy admin
12/5/19 - 9:44AM

seems like it's a generic password for this presale. does anyone want to post? I didn't get an email.

aamullen75 aamullen75 admin
12/5/19 - 9:47AM

I didn't get an email either. They should have posted the generic password on a protected part of the site.

brogers4000 brogers4000 admin
12/5/19 - 5:54PM

No you have to belong to The Ville paid. Everyone has a unique presale code. Mine isn’t working either.