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urbangirl972 urbangirl972

Soaring Eagle has a generic code

For those complaining that their fan club codes are not working for Soaring Eagle: this venue has a generic code for presale. Paying members were sent an email regarding the show that included the password. Be sure you have turned on notifications in your member settings to receive emails.

vetech41 vetech41 admin
12/6/19 - 6:30PM

I just joined earlier today and havent6gotten any emails.

Fekaris Fekaris admin
12/6/19 - 7:12PM

Just joined specifically for this event/venue....have no email with a code and the access code provided with the account is not accepted. What is the "generic" code? Help please!!!

Mert Mert admin
12/6/19 - 6:09PM

I emailed the Ville and they responded and helped me get my tickets! Thank you Ville customer service!

elizza elizza admin
12/6/19 - 4:37PM

So....certain fanclub members only received the special presale code or not?

jdthebolt jdthebolt admin
12/6/19 - 3:04PM

I have the same problem... Made some calls but no help trying to receive a password.. I have a code but no password..

mnrlc1123 mnrlc1123 admin
12/6/19 - 2:35PM

And I am a paying member so all paying members weren't sent an email. Maybe it wasn't your intent but your reply was a bit condescending. Thanks for letting us know that there's a generic code but no way for us to get it.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
12/6/19 - 2:48PM

Sorry you felt I was being condescending. I do not know about now, but in the past the default for email notifications was off and many did not realize they needed to go in and turn them on. I had no way of knowing some members did not receive an email. Was trying to be helpful.

glorayne51 glorayne51 admin
12/29/19 - 7:22PM

I want ticket for Spring Eagle. Please help me out

mnrlc1123 mnrlc1123 admin
12/6/19 - 2:33PM

So obviously some of us who have our notifications turned on and get other mail (I got the Christmas song notice) didn't the password so can't it be sent again?! admin
12/6/19 - 2:26PM

Did not receive the code either. Notification is on.

cherylpie15 cherylpie15 admin
12/6/19 - 2:25PM

Well obviously some of us paying members did not receive the email with the generic code and our email notifications are turned on.

ll818553 ll818553 admin
12/6/19 - 1:56PM

so, what is the generic code?

ll818553 ll818553 admin
12/6/19 - 1:55PM


pjparis4606 pjparis4606 admin
12/6/19 - 1:12PM

I have my notifications turned on and did not received an email.