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So sad about UK tour cancellation

I am so sad about the cancellation of his UK tour. I had no other information except an e-mail of the concert place and nothing else. I don't know why I am part of the fan club if I can't have that kind of information before that e-mail concellation.
I wanted to travel from France to London to see him. It had been rescheduled from may to october and cancelled anyway. When will you come back Keith?

Pat the Belgian Pat the Belgian admin
6/23/20 - 7:17AM

Same for me, I had tickets and hotel booking in Glasgow. I'm living in Belgium. So sad about this cancellation.

lou21 lou21 admin
6/9/20 - 12:39PM

I really feel for you, Female44, in fact, I feel very sad and disappointed too. My sister and I were really looking forward to it in May, then it was rescheduled for October. I thought October would be far enough away to be safe but unfortunately it was not. I suppose there is just so much uncertainty at the moment, so they thought it best to cancel it for now. The cancelled dates were still on the tour page for a while, though I see they've been taken down now. Poor Keith and the band will be really disappointed too. We'll just have to start all over again trying to get tickets and booking a hotel room again when they let us know the dates for the UK.

Female44 Female44 admin
6/13/20 - 7:05AM

Thank you Lou21 for your message! Everything you said is right! Talk to you soon maybe!