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angela47 angela47

Sexiest man alive

He has my vote! He should definitely be the winner because not only is he sexy & gorgeous, but he has the biggest ❤️ heart out of all the contenders!

KellyKeith KellyKeith admin
7/20/20 - 12:10PM

EVEN with all the crap happening in my beloved USA, I can SMILE every time I hear that beautiful VOICE, see that FACE and hear that GUITAR! KEITH, YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!
Praying that your New Years Party in Nashville will be ON!

2173036706 2173036706 admin
4/7/20 - 6:58PM

Keith thank u for lifting my spirits each day. You remind me that I’m not alone. You keep me sane during an insane time. Nicole thank you for sharing Keith with me. (PS) I hope you win all the awards in September.