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zuzie2018 zuzie2018

r these 'real'

for the 10-14 days i've been getting messages from URBAN L KEITH KEITH URBANN KEITH URBAN FANTALK KEITH URBANS . KEITH URBANN has asked to me to purchase prepaid phone cards, prepaids c.c., help his account manager with charity events, open on-line banking in my name. this is very upsetting. i adore keith & his accomplishments. i have phone numbers also. can't imagine why this is happening ! is someone trying to hurt him. please get back to me !

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
11/3/19 - 2:53PM

Keith does not personally contact fans. There are many people out there who pose as celebrities to try and scam money out of others. Please report all information you have to and do not engage with them. This person isn’t trying to hurt Keith; he’s trying to get money from you.

zuzie2018 zuzie2018 admin
11/4/19 - 1:58PM

thank u for listening