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oldbluejeans oldbluejeans

presale iowa

I did not receive a presale code via email. Does this mean i do not have the right membership level? or does it mean there are not codes available? Thank you.

kpfantz32 kpfantz32 admin
1/22/20 - 8:43PM
Email the moderator at the address above and explain your situation. That is what I did and he responded fairly quickly with the code

klbschult klbschult admin
1/22/20 - 1:57PM

How do I change my membership?

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1/22/20 - 1:43PM

Paying members were sent presale code yesterday for Iowa.

shekohls shekohls admin
1/22/20 - 12:56PM

The password given to me does not work either......

sunnydazs sunnydazs admin
1/22/20 - 12:32PM

Does anyone have the password? The code I got doesn’t work.

plansink plansink admin
1/22/20 - 12:11PM

Same. Can moderator please advise?