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KLefevre KLefevre

Presale Code - Help!

I just upgraded to Phoenix Club to get presale deals (thought I had done this before) and I realize I put in the wrong postal code for my credit card. Will it still go through? Because I just realized I needed to upgrade, will I get an email with the presale code before the presale starts for Vegas?

cynbillings cynbillings admin
10/20/19 - 10:48AM

Hey, I just found how. Thanks to whomever posted:
Go to the TOUR tab and your unique code is at the top there. I believe when you chose the date you want and hit “buy tickets”, it will allow you to go to ticketmaster and purchase. That tab is a portal to ticketmaster.
Good luck all!

cynbillings cynbillings admin
10/20/19 - 10:46AM

I also just joined to get the pre-sale. Does it go through TicketMaster and what’s the code? Thanks for any help!

KLefevre KLefevre admin
10/20/19 - 9:38AM

Just saw some ville responses and see the code - thanks!

Jupitersherry Jupitersherry admin
10/20/19 - 10:38AM

Does this go thru ticketmasdter?