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tomturbo tomturbo

pre sale for mohegansun

were do i get the code

mkr mkr admin
9/24/19 - 7:10AM

The code is located at the top of the Tour page when you are logged into the site. Be sure not to put any space before of after the code.

latteladyny latteladyny admin
9/23/19 - 6:15PM

OK, so since I'm new to this, where should I be looking to get the code for tomorrow?

mkr mkr admin
9/24/19 - 7:39AM

Once you are logged into this site. click on "Tour" at the top of the page and your code should be listed at the top right under "Tour" and a small paragraph about the code.

latteladyny latteladyny admin
9/24/19 - 8:58AM

I found it, thanks :)

ctcathy ctcathy admin
9/23/19 - 2:00PM

my code isn't working!!!!!!!!!!! why?

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
9/23/19 - 2:48PM

Because the presale doesn’t start until tomorrow.