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Passcode doesn’t work

I’m trying to use the code provided to purchase tickets to the IOWA state fair and it says passcode invalid.

abufarwa abufarwa admin
1/25/20 - 12:05AM

did you guys try using the pass code when tickets went public?

Sue3738 Sue3738 admin
1/23/20 - 11:44AM

Me too

bergys5 bergys5 admin
1/23/20 - 10:57AM

MY passcode doesnt work either for pre-sale. Any suggestions?

stormylady stormylady admin
1/23/20 - 10:43AM

Same issue

ravazian ravazian admin
1/23/20 - 10:37AM

I have the same issue

Kendra Kendra admin
1/23/20 - 10:26AM

i have had this same issue