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ssannarnadttirandreudttir ssannarnadttirandreudttir

Oslo consert 31.05

We are very sad about the canselation of Keith`s show here in Oslo, but we do understand.

The thing is that we have 2 golden tickets and one silver and the keith urban site has stated that all tickets will be refunded.

But the norwegian venue and/or ticketmaster has yet to refund the tickets.

And the venue also states that this is a Force majeure situvation so we will not get a refund…..

We just dont know what to do, it an awful lot of money that we spent on this, sorly missed, consert.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
4/24/20 - 12:00PM

Tickets will be refunded but it takes several weeks in any circumstances. With literally thousands of concerts being affected, it may take longer. I know I received an email yesterday for a cancelled concert (not Keith) and it said my refund should be processed by May 30. We all just have to be patient.

ssannarnadttirandreudttir ssannarnadttirandreudttir admin
4/24/20 - 12:09PM

No of course I understand that it can take a long while. I was just asking due to the venue itself wrote that there will not be a refund, that's why I am asking.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
4/24/20 - 9:46PM

What agency sold the tickets?

ssannarnadttirandreudttir ssannarnadttirandreudttir admin
4/25/20 - 2:41AM

Ticketmaster, when you press buy tickets here on keith urban site it forwards you to Ticketmaster. But it is the venue itself that states that this is a forse majour situation. And also writes that there is not refunding at this time. That is strange because has written that there will be.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
4/25/20 - 3:11PM

I know TM is not beginning any new refunds until May 1. Perhaps the status will change at that point.

ssannarnadttirandreudttir ssannarnadttirandreudttir admin
4/26/20 - 2:58PM

Great thank you. ❤❤❤

helleworm helleworm admin
5/4/20 - 1:18AM

I have The same feeling with The German concert. As far as I Can read (I’m not very good at German) They Will not refund The ticketprice.
The Strange thing is that The Danish concert was cancelled. I didn’t know that until an amount was on My account. Had to look up, what that was for and it Turned out to Be The concert in Copenhagen. I have never had a mail or anything about The cancellation.
But I’m sure it Will take up to several months.

angel605 angel605 admin
5/20/20 - 7:42AM

Finally got response from tm Norway (in Norwegian) which translated to they are awaiting info from organiser of event & Til then no refunds. Now surely the organiser would be Keith's management/promotor? Would be nice I think if this is an issue between them & tm if they could address it