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kufan4life33 kufan4life33

New Website Landing Page Critiques/Feedback

Okay I want to share my honest feedback. I've been a fan since 2005. But today when I first landed on the new landing page promoting the Speed of Now part 1 and the live stream event… My first thought was WHAT HAPPENED?

1st-It looks like the COLOR wheel threw up everywhere. I don't mind the album cover design but use the colors sparingly everywhere else.

2nd-It looks like the FONTS threw up too.

I almost gave up, but then I finally found my way to the Ville (which I still call in my head, Monkeyville) where my eyes and brain were immediately relieved to find the old design that is cleaner and more user friendly.

thbyz724 thbyz724 admin
8/28/20 - 7:16PM

I thought that the previous fan page could have had a bit more oomph to it BUT the new website is a bit too loud. Love the colors, but they're tooo bright and the white fonts....are glaring. The site gave me a headache! It could definitely use some fine tuning. Keith isn't LOUD, he doesn't need to scream to be heard. I don't think his website should either. Thanks for asking for an opinion.

kufan4life33 kufan4life33 admin
8/28/20 - 3:19PM

PS... One last add to my feedback above but the design I see in the Ville looks cleaner and keeps me engaged and doesn't look "cheap" like the new one being revealed to us on the landing pages now. This bright new one of hard to read fonts, mismatched together really pains me to see on an artist I've respected for a long time. It doesn't represent Keith well in my humble opinion. I won't stop listening to him but the new design doesn't make me excited like any of the old ones did.

kufan4life33 kufan4life33 admin
8/28/20 - 3:12PM

Long story short, I hope the team knows what they are doing and aren't turning new fans off by the new landing page design around the new album/events. The new landing page reminds me of one of those annoying salespeople at the mall whom you can't wait to get away from, in all honesty. I wish that wasn't the case because I do love Keith and his music (but if the new design is turning a long time fan like me off, how is it going to affect someone who is new/er?)

My biggest piece of advice is use the design elements sparingly and to help someone towards a specific goal at every stage (something the old designs and even the Ville design does better than the new landing page to me at least).

Hope this feedback is helpful to improve.