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My hero Keith  Urban ❤️🤗

My hero Keith Urban ❤️🤗

Keith Urban is amazing singer I have ever love! Keith Urban is my Idol, my hero forever !!!
I love Keith Urban and his music so much!
I am looking forward to meeting him again!
I never get tired listening to his music! All I see in Keith Urban is only good vibes. I am so obsessed with Keith Urban and his music! I love you my hero Keith Lionel Urban! May God Protect and bless you always!

I don’t have much words to say to you how great you are! You’re such an angel to me. I will love for the rest of my life!
I was very happy meeting you in Ottawa 09/14/2018 for my birthday and that was my dreams come true! But it’s not enough.
I would love to meet up and spend time with you. Maybe i will go on tour with you!:) I will always love you and listen to your music my hero:))
Keep up the great work! We all your fans love you. Especially me!:)

Thank you so much for making us happy 😃
My IG: @saradbellofficial
Merci beaucoup!!!