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Like the new songes

laurashepler laurashepler admin
9/2/20 - 5:40PM

I am excited for tonight!!! I love all of the songs that KU has released so far and can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us.

gayler9 gayler9 admin
9/2/20 - 11:18AM

PS - clarification: Hopefully the album will chart, but I was talking about specific song releases, Will the radio gods decide which one(s) to play? Requests by fans or their choice? I'm just a big fan; don't know all this "inside info"!

gayler9 gayler9 admin
9/2/20 - 11:15AM

Luv all these new songs from PT 1. Am wondering after the album is released 9/18 what will hit the charts? I'm still confused about what's released and what isn't so far as nothing but GWYN is on the radio! Anyone else?

deenathe213 deenathe213 admin
9/2/20 - 10:51AM

Love all Keith’s songs both old and new. Can never be disappointed when you start to grove with Keith!