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gayler9 gayler9

Moving up on charts

Fans, GWYN is creeping ever so slowly. Is there anything we fans can do to help beside requesting it on Alexa all the time, local radio shows, etc.? It's such a good song. I don't see Polaroid moving anywhere and who knows what will happen with Both Still Young! Am happy that he's releasing new music, but where's the love?

gayler9 gayler9 admin
6/19/20 - 10:32AM

You seem to have current info, so nothing from KU on his site for a while and am wondering if they're in Australia for Nic's BD, Father's Day and their upcoming wedding anniv. Big celebrations happen for them in June & I wish them every blessing on all.

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
6/14/20 - 12:41PM

I think streaming helps with the charts. Polaroid is doing very well in the UK and Australia. It was not released as a single in the US.

gayler9 gayler9 admin
6/14/20 - 6:34PM

I'm very happy to hear that, thanks.
I think country radio is really "country" right now and he's not followed so much by those folks. Just an observation/opinion - no data to back that statement up!:)