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ctdaysgoby ctdaysgoby

Mohegan Sun - who's going?

This will be a great show for an important cause!

egunn809 egunn809 admin
9/25/19 - 3:24PM

Looking for 2 Pit tickets for Mohegan😀

Kate Kate admin
9/25/19 - 3:19PM

I'm going! It will be bittersweet for me because I saw Keith last year with my stepsister and she was killed in a hit and run a few months ago.

ctdaysgoby ctdaysgoby admin
9/26/19 - 12:59PM

I am so sorry!

Kate Kate admin
10/3/19 - 11:05AM

Thank you!

cynthiaconigliaro cynthiaconigliaro admin
9/25/19 - 9:16AM

I'm going - PIT. Can't wait! Love seeing him at Mohegan! :)

nakitta nakitta admin
9/24/19 - 8:19PM

I'm going with my daughter in law. This is something that just her and I do whenever Keith comes to Mohegan Sun. Haven't missed one of his shows yet!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Lori Morosco Lori Morosco admin
9/24/19 - 5:28PM

Cannot wait! It’s my birthday weekend!

grantslg01 grantslg01 admin
9/24/19 - 1:36PM

I’m going!! Can’t wait

rbssr1209 rbssr1209 admin
9/24/19 - 3:11PM

My wife nd I are going, can't wait. I can't believe how many people bought tickets through the fan club during presale and already reselling them for twice the price. Totally unfair to true fans and disgusting.

carol6156 carol6156 admin
9/24/19 - 7:30PM

I am dont know how i hot tickets but i finally did! This overnight trip is my vacation lol