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Mohegan Sun Meet & Greet

Will a Meet & Greet be offered for the Mohegan Sun concert in November?? I see its not listed on the tour page and hoping it will be added…

Kate Kate admin
9/25/19 - 3:22PM

I would love to win the meet and greet. I saw Keith at Mohegan last year with my stepsister. She was killed in a hit and run a few months

cynthiaconigliaro cynthiaconigliaro admin
9/25/19 - 9:18AM

Has anyone heard anything about the Mohegan Sun Meet and Greet? :)

Lori Morosco Lori Morosco admin
9/24/19 - 5:31PM

I would LOVE a meet and greet!! It’s my birthday weekend

rbssr1209 rbssr1209 admin
9/24/19 - 3:15PM

I third that. I hope I get chosen. Never had a meet and greet with the man

mkr mkr admin
9/24/19 - 10:58AM

Someone asked Blair this question on Facebook yesterday and she said there would be a meet and greet. Of course, things can change.

DebLovesCountry DebLovesCountry admin
9/24/19 - 2:08PM

Yay!! I will keep checking to register! Thanks!

ttlavallee ttlavallee admin
9/24/19 - 10:40AM

I second that, would love to get a meet and greet