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carol6156 carol6156

Mohegan sun

So i was so excited 1st time i was able to get ochestra seats. Now they added a pit. So im pushed back. Im 5'2" and disabled. Not right

ewatson201 ewatson201 admin
10/31/19 - 12:48PM

Carol6156 Call the Venue and ask what they have in place regarding their policy for "persons whom have a disability" The ADA (American Disability Act, most have to comply with that and honor that.
Good Luck

carol6156 carol6156 admin
11/1/19 - 6:31PM

Thanks they were very nice but the only seats they could offer were to far. I was beyond THRILLED to get ochestra seats 1st time ever!!! And on their website to buy tickets STILL doesnt show pit! See how it goes an pray for the best. Thank you