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ewatson201 ewatson201

Mohegan Sun 11/17

ewatson201 ewatson201 admin
10/31/19 - 12:52PM

I'm looking for two tickets for the November 17th show. When I logged in the day of pre-sale, it insisted that I was in the FREE Ville. When trying to update it would not accept my credit card. Soooooooooo beyond disappointed. Blair and the Team fixed the problem THANKS BLAIR !!! BUT now I need tickets.
Thanking All in Advance.

michod28 michod28 admin
11/1/19 - 10:53AM

They are still selling on Ticketmaster

ewatson201 ewatson201 admin
11/10/19 - 1:06PM

Yes I know @MICHOD28. Was hoping for a Face Value ticket from a fellow member of the Ville.

nancyjmal nancyjmal admin
11/13/19 - 10:47AM

If you are still looking, I have 2 tixs in lower section 14 row k. face value 137.00 each.