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Membership renewal problem

On 2/10 I created a new ID ujamto. ( the site was giving me problems when I tried to renew my membership so I created a new one.) iI paid the 29.99 for a new membership and it is showing on my credit card statement. When I tried to log into the new I’d it said my password was not valid. It tried to reset my password using my email address but it only recognized my old original ID which was Julie.williams1209 . So I now have access to the site using my ID Julie.williams1209 but my membership status is the free one. I paid under the ID ujamto however I can not access it. I would be happy to stick with the ID Julie.williams1209, but need that ID to have the Villa phoenix club membership. Can someone help me get this changed over to my other ID or do I have to have the credit card company dispute charge and then resign up using the correct ID?
Thank you for your help

nrgy nrgy admin
2/20/20 - 6:01PM

look at my comment on yur 2nd identical post below. i already typed answer? once.