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stoney11 stoney11

Membership renewal

I received an email saying there was a problem charging my credit card for my membership renewal and that I had been downgraded to the free tier of the fan club. I provided updated information re my credit card, however, when I tried to upgrade my club membership, no additional tiers were provided. What should I do? Thanks.

nrgy nrgy admin
2/4/20 - 5:30PM

log in and manage membership is there. clik on manage membership. clik on disable autorenew, and it turns into enable autorenew. HOVER over free membership line, til phoenix club line tier shows up. clik on phoenix club. then upgrade cred card info. ta da worked for me

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
1/30/20 - 4:55PM

Have you tried contacting Tech Support? Their email address can be found in the FAQ -- link is at the bottom of the page.

sbg13 sbg13 admin
1/30/20 - 4:11PM

I had updated all my stuff and my membership just expired. So I’m in the same situation.

stoney11 stoney11 admin
1/30/20 - 4:24PM

I don't understand why the email didn't ask me to update my info within a specified time. Then, if I didn't respond, change my membership status.

sbg13 sbg13 admin
1/30/20 - 7:36PM

I don’t know. I just went back in to recheck things and I had on Auto Renewal and my card was already update so I can’t figure out how to get back in the fan club. Ive never had this issue before.

stoney11 stoney11 admin
1/30/20 - 10:33PM

I worked it out and was able to upgrade. Yippee!