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cynthe5 cynthe5

Membership renewal

My acct says it expired on Jan 14th. I tried to renew but then it says I am already a Phoenix Club member? Help.

nrgy nrgy admin
1/29/20 - 4:59PM

solved same problem here. go in manage membership (comes up after u log in) u have to enable auto renew by clicking on disable autorenew. when it tells u yur free membership, u must HOVER over the free line until the phoenix club line shows up, and then pick phoenix club. then put in yur credit card info. ta da hope this helps for all problems.

luv2keith luv2keith admin
1/29/20 - 11:42PM

Thank you so much for your helpful info!! I was freaking out trying to renew my Phoenix Club Membership and your info was great!

nlc4591 nlc4591 admin
1/28/20 - 2:04PM

I am having the same problem. Please help, admin. Thank you.

fourtheboys fourtheboys admin
1/28/20 - 12:35PM

I had the same issue, even though I was set to auto renew and had a valid cc it did not renew and would not let me when I went into my account. I emailed support and they reset it so it looked like I was just in the free club. I was then able to go in and sellect Phoenix and pay with a cc. Good luck

lannajn7 lannajn7 admin
1/27/20 - 8:31PM

Mine has been telling me the same thing!! I don't know what to do!!!