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KLefevre KLefevre

Meet & Greet Pics

Hey there – they used to be on the site and now I don't see a link to look them up anymore – is there still a way to do this? I was at a meet & greet with Keith in 2016….just wanted to see the pic again on the site. Any way of doing that?

KLefevre KLefevre admin
1/13/20 - 9:47PM

Thanks for the link! I found my pic with Keith....

las119 las119 admin
1/6/20 - 9:06AM

I had the same question. Thank you for posting that! Does it keep changing, because I did have it bookmarked, but the Sydney pics never showed up for me till this link.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
1/6/20 - 10:28AM

It recently changed. Sydney's photos were on a separate link for a bit.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
1/5/20 - 5:21PM

Here's a direct link--you may have to copy and paste in your browser sometimes hyperlinks don't work right here:

las119 las119 admin
1/7/20 - 7:44AM

Thank you! :-)