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mizinfo mizinfo

Meet & Greet contest question

Hi. I entered the contest for the Begas shows for both the 10th and the 11th as I am going to both shows. If we DON’T win, are we told that? Thanks….

aubreyglodt5 aubreyglodt5 admin
1/25/20 - 11:37AM

How do I sign up to win meet and greets for the Iowa state fair?

darla3 darla3 admin
1/22/20 - 12:39PM

I went to the January 17th show in Las Vegas. I received the email on January 15th saying I was a winner. It was the best thing every. Bucket List COMPLETE!

mizinfo mizinfo admin
1/10/20 - 4:46PM

Oh thank goodness it’s not just me! I’ve been making myself crazy with all kinds of insane scenarios that it’s just my email that got lost! 😂

iambbme iambbme admin
1/9/20 - 8:11PM

You will get an email saying that the meet & greet has reached capacity!, usually you will receive it the day before the concert.

mizinfo mizinfo admin
1/10/20 - 1:01AM

Thanks so much. Still waiting anxiously to I was hoping we don’t get left hanging. Thanks again!

fastandhot fastandhot admin
1/10/20 - 3:07PM

I haven’t heard anything. Signed up for 10th and 11 th

mizinfo mizinfo admin
1/10/20 - 9:22PM

Did you ever wind up hearing anything?

fastandhot fastandhot admin
1/11/20 - 3:39PM

Nope and nothing for tonight either

fastandhot fastandhot admin
1/11/20 - 8:29PM

What about you