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lainieyd1 lainieyd1

Meet and greet

Hi hope you are all safe and well , just wondering what happened to the meet and greet photos from the Sydney coliseum . There was the first night photos up now they aren’t there ? Also looking forward to seeing the ones from the 2nd night . Merry Christmas to all who are travelling home to family and loved ones … ❤️

lainieyd1 lainieyd1 admin
12/27/19 - 12:21PM

Still no photos from SYDNEY 😢

shadda shadda admin
12/25/19 - 12:04AM

No photos from the Sydney meet & greets🤔 ...maybe because it's Christmas those concerned in transit back home ... or I broke the camera 🤣

lainieyd1 lainieyd1 admin
12/25/19 - 3:01PM

It is Christmas time .. I am just hoping the photos came out good . Once in a lifetime experience