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jmehaley jmehaley

meet and greet

has the meet and greet been picked for this Saturday's show at The Colesium??

shadda shadda admin
12/21/19 - 8:49AM

I received email saying I won too.....hoping its true. Bit worried about the time stated and cant get confirmation

caddie7 caddie7 admin
12/17/19 - 2:03PM

Me too! :-) Sadly my friend won't be happy, well she will but will be sad

marnielouanne marnielouanne admin
12/17/19 - 4:37AM

I was wondering the same thing.

lainieyd1 lainieyd1 admin
12/17/19 - 1:53PM

I received an email this morning saying I won

jmehaley jmehaley admin
12/17/19 - 10:17PM

Congrats LainieYD1 that is awesome. Happy for you.