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cschrope1 cschrope1

Meet and Greet

I am going to see keith this friday in tampa. I entered the "meet and greet" which ended last night. How do i find out if i was picked as one of the 10? And if i wasnt picked (i never win anything), then is there a way to buy a meet and greet?

mkr mkr admin
10/3/19 - 8:51AM

You would receive an email telling you that you were picked. I know other people on the Facebook page have said they received emails so they have gone out. Be sure to check you "spam" folder in your email. They don't send out a "you didn't win" email. As for buying meet and greets I haven't seen that done in a long long time and when it was it was for charity. I would listen to local country radio because sometimes they have contests. The only other way I've seen people get meet and greets is if they know someone who is VIP or sponsors the concert.

cschrope1 cschrope1 admin
10/6/19 - 8:33PM

Thank you. The concert was amazing! It was the first time ive ever seen him. The best concert ive ever gone to! I am a bit confused though because i found out that he had 3 0 0 as in three hundred Meet and Greets. 300! How is that possible and where did they all get them!? 😔