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lindaburb lindaburb

London UK show May 5, 2020

I cannot believe this but I was on the site before 9am on the day tickets went on sale (16 mins ago) and so was ready to book two tickets. I have seen Keith twice, once in Indianapolis and then earlier this year at the O2 in London at the C2C Festival. My husband hasn't seen him perform and was keen to come with me this time but I cannot get any tickets!!!! Well could get standing but he's not keep on standing. I am SO DISAPPOINTED!!! Any ideas?

lynnreifert lynnreifert admin
10/11/19 - 6:25PM

Are touts bots? They added a 2nd London date, but if you notice when you click for the 6th - it is taking you to the 5th which is sold out. Hope they fix it!!

patrickb patrickb admin
10/11/19 - 11:48AM

je vends deux billets assis rang N pour le 5/5 a londres. mon mari en a pris pour le 6/5 sans me dire. Je les revends le prix acheté 46.25£ chacune. Me contacter par email :

joda59 joda59 admin
10/11/19 - 5:21AM

there are extra shows in londen and Glasgow see tourlist

lindaburb lindaburb admin
10/11/19 - 3:55AM

yep, touts should be banned but how????

Whitequeen Whitequeen admin
10/11/19 - 4:38AM

Try a site called .. see tickets I just purchased two seated .. after logging on to ticketmaster at 9am and not getting anywhere that site is a disgrace now

ppatb ppatb admin
10/11/19 - 3:30AM

we can't do standing so at least you've got those its ridiculous that the touts get them all - I wanted to take my 2 girls and they can't go in standing so they will be very sad - thank god we went to the C2C and saw him - oh well - another time - I was sat at resale yesterday too and no luck today either - got no ideas - touts - should be banned!

lindaburb lindaburb admin
10/11/19 - 3:19AM

Maybe another date could be added to the tour?????

ppatb ppatb admin
10/11/19 - 3:33AM

for London fingers crossed :-)