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mmmichele25 mmmichele25

Las Vegas show

Has anyone heard if Las Vegas show may be cancelled?

6484551a 6484551a admin
9/1/20 - 5:53PM

The shows in November are canceled. I am so sad but certainly understand. Here's to a better 2021.

r2rvanhoof r2rvanhoof admin
9/2/20 - 8:14PM

I have tickets for Nov show & I haven't heard a thing? Shouldn't they have notified ticket holders?

kufan4life33 kufan4life33 admin
8/28/20 - 2:54PM

There have been no shows in Las Vegas since it reopened. Casinos are open. The last time I went the only shows I could see were the street acts around Fremont Street. Believe me I didn't like being refunded for the show I had planned for in April - wish they would reschedule instead of refund but it is what it is.

6484551a 6484551a admin
8/26/20 - 7:04PM

I would sure like to know if it's canceled. I honestly don't see how it will happen. I want to see him when things are normal.

mmmichele25 mmmichele25 admin
8/7/20 - 1:13PM

This would be for November