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PatMOrth PatMOrth

Las Vegas 4/24

When will we know if the April concerts will be cancelled/rescheduled?

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
3/25/20 - 12:29PM

April shows have been cancelled.

sparklebush5 sparklebush5 admin
4/1/20 - 3:05PM

Does anyone know if refunds are available for the cancelled show on 4/24?? Can’t attend the other dates ☹️

deeann_phipps deeann_phipps admin
4/15/20 - 8:44PM

I hope so cuz I already bought tickets to all the other shows in Vegas!

JoStro JoStro admin
4/20/20 - 6:17PM

I have not received a refund for the 4/24 show yet. If anyone does please let me know. Thanks

wend wend admin
3/23/20 - 5:34PM

Just seen Bryan Adams gigs at the Wynn in Vegas have been postponed and to be rescheduled. He was playing 22-25 April. Maybe an announcement about KU will be soon.

PatMOrth PatMOrth admin
3/24/20 - 6:42PM

Thank you.