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Keith's shows used to be incredible. Now they're largely disappointing. Anyone else feel this way?

Okay I have to say something and please tell me more of you feel the same way!

I have attended his last 5 major tours and my basic thoughts are as follows: Escape Together (2009) was incredible! Get Together (2011) still very good! Light the Fuse (2013) incredible once again! Ripcord (2016)….wait what? No Stupid Boy? No Sweet Thing? Why were there so many new songs played? And the ones I did know did not sound right at all. Graffiti U (2018)…alright this is getting ridiculous. In fact, I left this show early.

What happened to his concerts? They used to be so much fun to go to. What happened to the two-minute guitar solos? Why is he playing an acoustic version of Stupid Boy without the end solo? The end solo was always one of the best parts of the show, and it doesn’t feel the same without it. Why is there no banjo intro to Somebody Like You anymore? And why does the set have to contain mostly new material?

I’ve noticed my recent disappointment in his shows is also correlated with Brian Nutter’s absence (you know…the guy who plays the banjo intro to Somebody Like You and serves as second guitarist on other songs). For some reason, as of 2016 he is no longer with the band. And for some other reason, Keith decided not to fill his spot, leaving a big gap in his live sound. Please tell me I am not the only one noticing this!

Keith…I really hope this message finds its way back to you. When I am paying to over $100 to watch you play live, I expect to hear more songs that I know and love (not just the new album), and I expect those songs to sound just as good as they do on the album. Your voice is still great, I’ll give you that much. But please find a way to bring Brian back to the band. Or find someone else that can fill his role. Until then, I will not be attending any more shows.

runnergirl1103 runnergirl1103 admin
5/27/20 - 10:15AM

I have seen Keith over 100 times and I have NEVER been disappointed. Even when there were multiple back to back nights of tour shows- it was an amazing experience every time (okay the one time a lady threw her drink wasn't so fun, but...). Life is what you make it, enjoy or move on!

mazart mazart admin
4/25/20 - 11:29PM

I would be humbled with a concert again in WV ... wish he would consider a screen with words ... it would help to give him a singing crowd as he desires. Sorry WV must not have lived up to you expectations. - wv❤️KU

4/18/20 - 11:22AM

Just my opinion: I haven't been to as many concerts as other Keith fans, but the shows I was allowed to attend (only 8x) were priceless. Not once did I feel that something is missing.

flipflopladi flipflopladi admin
4/13/20 - 5:53AM

I have seen him 31 times and i finally met him in 2018 i was so excited and still am i have never been disappointed EVER hes the best handsdown and i cant wait till Sept to see him host the ACM awards , thats going to be the best ever , So anyway Keith Love u and always will.

ksfirestix ksfirestix admin
4/3/20 - 3:11PM

I have never been disappointed and Graffiti U was the Best everyone has their favorite songs but he cant sing them all

dlp815 dlp815 admin
4/3/20 - 3:05PM

The point of paying to see someone live several times is to evolve. If you want to hear the same songs, play the albums or videos. I love Stupid Boy and the extended solo but my sister would be fine if she never heard Stupid Boy, Somebody Like You or Days Go By live again. She wants to hear Tonight I Wanna Cry and Raining on Sunday from KU’s oldies and those are often left out. Whatever KU plays, the musicianship of he and his band is first rate. As for Brian Nutter, I don’t know why he left the band but he started a company making guitars for other artists, including KU. You may have also seen on Facebook that he has been extremely ill over the last few months - in and out of hospitals for weeks at a time. He actually is set to go back to the hospital which worries his family as his weakened condition makes him vulnerable to COVID-19. Let’s all pray for Brian to make a complete recovery.

qb4mike qb4mike admin
4/2/20 - 12:25PM

I have been to every tour for the last 18 years and seen the show a couple of times and have NEVER been disappointed. He is a true musician and I love that he changes things up. He does go back at times and plays the old stuff, to me, every show is different. i'm sorry to have to disagree with you.

5/2/20 - 12:07PM

🙌🙌👍💯🌷 👋🇩🇪

sarahkeen sarahkeen admin
3/30/20 - 6:16PM

He can’t keep playing his old songs .. he is not a has been !!! . The music he plays now is about his life, his loves and what he enjoys to sing and what inspires him , what gets to him and his heart and soul .. I met him in London 2019 a down to earth man with a passion for music and that’s what comes across in his music / concerts whether it’s old or new songs .. listen to his words .. can’t wait for new album and what’s coming next

kylieoz kylieoz admin
3/30/20 - 4:18PM

My opinion only - Each new album he grows and all tho i love all his music i enjoy hearing him play his new stuff at his show, as i have been to all his shows he has had here in Australia i like the mix he gives, i don't feel he would grow as an artist if he always played his "hits" or old songs , and also from his point of view how boring playing the same songs on tour all the time! Stupid Boy is a GREAT song but he has plenty of GREAT songs!
i guess ya cant please everyone!

gayler9 gayler9 admin
3/29/20 - 8:32PM

Would you consider it an acceptable compromise if he did both - old & new? I saw Graf U and there were some older ones but admittedly more newer ones obviously promoting the new album, but I think he would be thought of as "over the hill" a "has been" relying on just what was in the past.