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Kimmie78 Kimmie78

Keith in Las Vegas

Would love tickets for January 10-11 in Vegas!!!

jetsetter6 jetsetter6 admin
10/20/19 - 9:37PM

Is the starting price for tickets really $169USD???

UrbanFC UrbanFC admin
10/20/19 - 8:27AM

How many tickets can you get with presale?

mizinfo mizinfo admin
10/19/19 - 4:46PM

Wasn’t there going to be another email today for Phoenix Club members regarding the Vegas tour? I thought the email yesterday said we would get another email today with more info?

flyinggirl flyinggirl admin
10/19/19 - 7:41AM

I' a new member of the Phoenix Club, where can I find the resale code?

kufan4life33 kufan4life33 admin
10/18/19 - 11:39PM

It will be at the top of the tour page when you're signed in.

Kimmie78 Kimmie78 admin
10/18/19 - 10:50PM

How do I get a code to purchase pre sale tickets for January?

traceygail traceygail admin
10/19/19 - 6:26AM

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