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Iowa Pre Sale

So do we just try to help each other figure this out? Isn't there a tech person or somebody? admin
1/22/20 - 10:26PM

I did get an answer from the moderator. The password he gave me is buttercow - don't know if it's the same for everyone

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1/23/20 - 8:41AM

Please remove the password. Anyone can see this and passwords are for paying members only.

aubreyglodt5 aubreyglodt5 admin
1/23/20 - 9:06AM

When do people get picked for meet and greet?

rhiannonz rhiannonz admin
1/23/20 - 5:41PM

Thanks for posting the presale code. Glad I paid to be a member as that is one of the perks. It says not to share the code. Please take your post down.

kpfantz32 kpfantz32 admin
1/22/20 - 8:34PM

Email the moderator email address and explain the situation and he will give you the code .

kpfantz32 kpfantz32 admin
1/22/20 - 8:37PM admin
1/22/20 - 8:51PM

than you