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christelgotesson60 christelgotesson60


Hi! I have been contacted by a man who claims he is Keith’s manager Gary Borman on Instagram ! He wanted me to believe that Keith has a Gmail hangout account and want to write to his biggest fans! I deleted him of course! Does anyone have had the same request on Instagram?/Christel

march16_67 march16_67 admin
8/21/20 - 11:18AM

I think there is one on Pinterest as well? I was talking to him for a while? I was taken for a fool until he wanted me to send a email to a company requesting Keith's money from his late father's account! He was telling me he wanted me to pretend I was Nicole, to send it to me. :O
They try anything! I don't feel like going to prison? Deleted and blocked! Good luck Keith! <3 you!

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
8/10/20 - 7:21PM

There is one on Twitter as well. I reported and blocked him. You can also report it to the moderator, her email address can be found in the FAQ section. (link at the bottom of the page)

8/19/20 - 9:27AM

I had the same requests on Instagram every 2 weeks. Reported the guy to Instagram!🙌👍