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madbrit madbrit

help with membership renewal

Hello am desperately trying to get help to keep my membership going . Ive been a member since 2003 but for some reason my account hasn't renewed like it usually does . Ive sent many messages but am getting no answers . I don't want my membership to lapse as I will lose out on presale and meet & greet opportunities. When I log in to my account It isn't doing anything . Cant update details , edit account cant put payment card . Can any one help please

madbrit madbrit admin
2/15/20 - 11:25AM

Thanks I tried just having free membership then logged back in and the phoenix membership was there so put card details in but now it doesn't like my credit card any help please

nrgy nrgy admin
2/13/20 - 7:08PM

log in. clik on manage membership. HOVER over free membership line til phoenix club line shows up. clik on phoenix club. then upgrade your cred card info. ta da

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/11/20 - 1:47PM

On the Phoenix Club facebook page, I found a comment where someone else had the same issue. This is what she said worked for her:

1) change your membership to the free one and save and log out then,
2) log back in, change it to Phoenix membership, update your payment info, make sure auto renewal is NOT disabled and save and log out! Then you can log back in and check to see if you expiration date changed or not.

Hope you get this figured out soon!

scottdilley2 scottdilley2 admin
2/13/20 - 1:29PM

Thanks for responding. I found your post in other posts from members having the same problem. My problem is my cc expired. I have logged in and out and tried every which way to pay for my upgraded account. And I continue to get the same error message.
There was an error while trying to charge your credit card. Please try again later.
I have emailed tech support no frustrating

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/13/20 - 2:57PM

If you haven't already, send an email to the moderator with "Renewal Issue" in the subject line. You will get an auto reply until she can get to your email. Here's the email address:

madbrit madbrit admin
2/15/20 - 11:17AM

have already sent many messages but it says there are some issues with the system. I have logged an hovered over free membership but it doesn't change to phoenix membership