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spector69 spector69

Help me in Amsterdam

Hi my name is Fabien and i'm a French fan, i think i'll be there in Amsterdam for the show 02.05.20, if someone can help me to find an hotel for me and my wife, we arrived by plane since Lyon from France.
Thanks a lot and i hope I can baugh me ticket quickly.

spector69 spector69 admin
10/10/19 - 7:23AM

Thanks everyone, it's not a problem if I need take a taxi or metro if my hotel is a little bit far from the AFAS theatre.
A last question, can you tell me how is the price for the ticket in your country? On the net i can find ticket at 113€ but i don't know if it's expensive or not... thanks you all
Best Regard

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
10/7/19 - 1:07PM

Ooooh I know why the prices are so expensive, It is not because of Keith, but there is the Formula 1 in Zandvoort(close to Amsterdam)on the 3th of May 2020. This is the first time in 35 years and very populair but not good news for Keith Fans who need a hotel!!So Fabien maybe you can better pick a better location like the UK or Germany.

spector69 spector69 admin
10/10/19 - 7:48AM

Thanks Tamara, it's impossible for me to go another date of the tour, because it's a day off in France a this week-end et it's better for travel with 3 days off... and the rest of the date are not on a week-end, only a week, or the flight are not good or much expensive...
Anyway, i try to find an hotel out side Amsterdam maybe, could think it's possible ? Maybe can you help me, my last time in our beautiful town is since 20 years i think it's gonna be change so much ?
Thank you...

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
10/7/19 - 12:56PM

I can not believe the prices for the hotels around the AFAS on the date when Keith is playing! This prices are not normal, and I am thinking, is this because they know that a BIG ARTIST is having a concert??? I see Prices up to 1054 euro, and the "best price" is 200 +. So if you really want this, I should book as soon as possible, maybe prices are even more expensive closer to the date :-(

Johan Johan admin
10/7/19 - 11:52AM

A very nice an d modern hotel:
Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam / Arena Boulevard
€ 107 (one night)
Adress: Hoekenrode 1, 1102 BR Amsterdam-Zuidoost.
Just 5 minutes walk to the AFAS theatre.
1 minute walk to metro, going directly to center of Amsterdam (takes 15 minutes)
From Airport to Hotel: directly (non-stop) by train in 15 minutes.

Smausie Smausie admin
10/7/19 - 7:01AM

Just look at You can search near the afas live. For example courtyard by marriot is nearby.